I admit freely that I was beguiled by this giant, futuristic jug[gernaut] of soap. It feels otherworldly, like I was bringing home some futuristic home fusion reactor fuel. This is 96 fl. ounces of soap. The container itself is almost a foot tall. On the back of the jug Method even makes suggestions for what to do with the packaging after the soap is spent.

However, something about Costco/Sam’s Club size portions, even of products as cool as Method’s, gives me a brief back of the brain pause. Does suggesting a few hip, alt-recycling uses for such a huge container (flower vase, piggy bank) offset cow-towing to the cultural trend of massive over-consumption? Discuss.

3 comments to A MADNESS to this METHOD?

  • I did a spit take when I read that one of the alt-recycling usages for a soap container was as a canteen…. I’ve had my mouth washed out with soap before. There’s a reason it’s a punishment.

    Other than that, I’m definitely with you on this. Recycling should not be a “get-out-of-jail-free” card to do as one pleases without regard for whether its really necessary or not (which is how I view over-consumption, pretty much).

    However, having said that, at least its soap. If you are going to over consume, there are a lot worse things you could over-consume, like french fries or burritos. Speaking of which…

  • Oh, one other thing…

    I do think that the giant packaging like this is good, if it reduces overall packaging. If you needed 96 fl.oz., better to get it in one big bottle rather than eight smaller ones. But do you need 96 oz??

  • Dave you get to the heart of the argument. And there’s pros and cons to a product like this, which is why I suggested discussion.

    In the end we’ve decided to use this soap for our hands, and even for our dishes. So in effect we’ve cut down considerably on the packaging we buy and discard into the currently static recycling system (according to a report I saw on CBS News, many recycling facilities are just stockpiling their materials because no one’s buying). That’s a pro.

    Whether or not catering to the masses crying for bigger and still bigger products at Sam’s and Costco is a good thing remains to be seen.

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