Sometimes, when you’re feeling divisive, a little separation is needed. Or perhaps you’re tired of boring shadows on your wall and you want to cast a new pattern. How about these nature-inspired, connect-o-fun, latice-like elements by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Algue, which is French for “algae,” are individual plastic elements that can be joined to create personalized interior design elements, from screens to room dividers.

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3 comments to ALGUE

  • These remind me of Lego branches for Lego trees. I think I’m too “nature-y” to truly appreciate these. In this photo they look cheap and plastic-y. Plus it looks like from the photo that there is PLENTY of light for real plants, which add a much more dynamic element to the design of the room in my opinion (particularly behind a sheer screen for a room divider with upward lights at night would cast very dramatic shadows and divide the room). Though, this does bring me back to my dream of one day decorating with Legos. 😉

  • While plants, Dave, are certainly a fine addition to any room, they are not really within the realm of “design” – unless I.D. to you is “Intelligent Design” rather than “industrial design”. And thinking THAT is BLASPHEMY. Anyway, your comment is valid. They probably are plastic. And they are kind of like LEGO tree branches. Only cooler.

  • Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote inorfmiatve articles.

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