Anything but TEETH

I recently took on the challenge of my family dentist’s identity. This is a situation where the son was taking over the business from the father and wanted to update things a little. He knew he wanted something more modernized but still clean and conservative enough to fit into their affluent community. After checking out some other examples he liked, I went to work. My only goal was to avoid teeth and tooth imagery. I failed.

Or did I?

It’s true that sometimes when you fail, you succeed. As I conceptualized I kept coming back to abstract representations of teeth. I couldn’t get it out of my head, like a challenge I had to face. I endeavored to hint at the letters for the business, primarily U and D, for “Uday” and “Dentistry”, while trying to evoke all things dental. When I put them together, bold and clean, they worked. It’s abstract enough to hint at dentistry, and modern enough not to be cliche. The client agreed. Sometimes the taboo becomes the rule.

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