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Cloud Kid "Chopper" - Deth P Sun

After owning an art gallery for several years you end up with quite a collection. It’s the primary (no pun intended) perk of such work. When I lived in Detroit I had the resources to keep everything I collected, even if it wasn’t hanging. Now, living in New York, storage (and wallspace) are at a premium. How do you choose what stays and what goes?

In the last decade I’ve become increasingly less sentimental about possessions. Sometimes out of necessity, sometimes just to lighten the load I carry through life. Fortunately this tendency does not clash with my art collecting ideology. Works of art can be a lot like friends and acquaintances: they come in and out of your life. Things that moved me 5 or 10 years ago may not hold the same allure today. This shift does not diminish the value of those works naturally. Indeed they may be more valuable to others now, than they were at the time of their original purchase.

As my work focus shifted over the past 4 years following the close of Pr1mary Space, so too has my taste in artwork. I’m drawn to design-focussed work more and more and my interest in illustrative painting has waned. Don’t misunderstand me, I still have a great number of paintings and illustrations in my collection – some from the same artists whose work I am here selling – and most of those I will never sell.

Still, things do change and different responsibilities and priorities emerge. I’m honored to have had the privilege both to represent and to collect these artists’ work. I hope to enjoy that privilege again before too long.

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