I recently completed a mailer for Our Time Theatre. My good friend and colleague Iris Brown was kind enough to refer my services to Our Time and …
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Be Informed Zombie Attack

Long one of my most popular designs, the “Be Informed Zombie Attack” print has finally made it to my Etsy shoppe. The illustrations have been updated and …
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So I’ve finally managed to get my new prints up on Etsy. For homemade prints these are super swank. Printed on acid-free, 100% cotton rag. Its brilliant …
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Living in Antichrist

“Hey what do you want to do tonight my friends? Say, isn’t that new Lars Von Trier film ‘Antichrist’ showing down in the Village? Ooh Charlotte …
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Print Prints PRINTS

Long hiatus from my design blog. And I can admit it, I was led astray by another. And then another. But not to worry design blog, you’re the …
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ISO50 Lecture

I’ve been a fan of Scott’s work (and music) for some time so it was nice to actually see and hear him talk about it. This video is …
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F.Ted & J.Crew

No longer king of the dipsh*ts, Anthony Michael Hall’s “The Geek” from Sixteen Candles has come full circle. Not only has this classic character reached pop culture icon …
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Pr1mary Space POSTERS

After an extensive review and redux process, the commemorative Pr1mary Space exhibition posters are complete and up on my Flickr site.

Certainly one of my favorite parts …
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Art for SALE

After owning an art gallery for several years you end up with quite a collection. It’s the primary (no pun intended) perk of such work. When I …
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