Cosmicity & Jamie Latendresse Design 15 Year Anniversary

I was about to write, “it’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years blah blah blah,” but listening to and looking at everything Cosmicity (a.k.a. Mark Nicholas) and I have done over the last decade and a half, it’s not that hard to believe. That being said, Mark’s accomplishments are quite striking. He’s generated a truly impressive collection of songs, albums, mixes and remixes, all testament to his creative passion for music and songwriting.

Not long after I met Mark I petitioned him to let me work on “In Perspective”. At that time I’d only been a graphic designer for 2 years and was still relatively green. I remember preparing a little presentation for Mark detailing what I had to offer. He took a chance on me and since then we’ve both grown together in our respective artforms. I feel a great deal of pride in our progress and partnership. Without a doubt, Cosmicity is my longest running collaboration.

Over the years our process was simple. I’d flesh out concepts based on each new album’s theme and then Mark and I would meet in my studio to refine them. Each session was a study in design collaboration and hedonistic frozen junk food consumption. Bagel pizzas, pizza rolls, and copious amounts of pop in the early days. It was something.

These days the carbonated, cheese-laden collaborations have given way to low-fat, long-distance ones. But it still works, a testament to our creative sympatico. Words can’t express how grateful I am to Mark, and for the trust and friendship he’s bestowed upon me over the years. It’s been a truly rewarding partnership, one I hope will continue on for another 15 years if not longer.

Here’s a few remembrances from our projects, then till now.


In Perspective

This is the first album I completed for Cosmicity. The cover image is actually interior end of my camera’s wide angle lens. I inverted the image and did a lot of tweaking in Photoshop to create the effect. The lines over the photo were meant to imply different perspectives.




This was definitely the frozen bagel pizza years. Pure was an exciting project because in addition to the album we did 3 singles called “The Pure Sessions” with corresponding variations of the water droplet artwork. Check them out on Cosmicity’s discography here.



Escape Pod for Two

Escape Pod for Two was arguably our pinnacle collaboration. Not only was I allowed to indulge my sci-fi design whims but we did singles, merch, stickers, and even a commercial¬†which Mark’s wife Sara joined us for.This is probably my favorite Cosmicity album as well.



Parlour Sofas

The brand new 4-song EP just released this week, and our longest-distance collaboration yet at over 2,300 miles! Make sure you check it out, available through all the major channels including iTunes and Amazon, with extras available on Bandcamp.

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