Oh my dear design lord. FINALLY made it into Design 99 in downtown Hamtramck and I was generously rewarded. This new and exciting venture (in a multitude of facets like: what? in Hamtramck? Or even, what? in Detroit at all?) comes fully equipped with awesome. Located in downtown Hamtramck, on Jos. Campau between Yemans and Belmont, Design99 is the creation of Gina Reichert and Mitch Cope. I chatted with Gina for a bit and clearly she and Mr. Cope have a passion for design, art, and all things Detroit. Their passion translates into a multitude of handpicked regional artists’ wares for home and human.

As a former board member of the Hamtramck DDA, and a former Hamtramck fine art purveyor, these kinds of creative developments in the 2 square mile city in a city excite me like nothing else. Like no other downtown in the southeast Michigan area, Hamtramck is superbly suited for this kind of retail and cultural development. I truly believe it is the vision of entrepreneurs like Gina and Mitch that draw the richly deserved attention Hamtramck needs in order to flourish in this century. The Ham’s downtown potential is unmatched in my estimation.

I can’t recommend stopping by their space or their website enough. Below are two favorites I spotted.

Quilt by Abigail Newbold

Floor lamp by Graem Whyte

Private admission: As I walked out I felt my whole body slump in a wave of retro-regret. This can’t be helped of course and some things just aren’t meant to be, but imagining a store like that open concurrently with Primary Space…

what a team we’d have made.

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