Designing your PERSONAL CHECK

I have ALWAYS wanted to custom design my own personal checks. Standing in line at the bank this week it occurred to me again. It had been a long time since I thought about it and I suddenly got excited!

“It’s been so long,” I thought. “What if the online custom printing world has caught up with my imagination and started allowing you to custom design your own checks??”

But to no avail. Sure you can posit your own image of puppies in the background. And you can have your choice of Block, Contemporary, or Old Style lettering. You could add a slogan, or a monogram. But to truly design your check, from scratch, remains out of reach unless you contact a form printer and jump through a number of regulatory hoops. Sigh…

If any of you know of an easy way to make my dream come true… by all means contact me.

[Edit: As one of my colleagues so deftly put it, “What’s a check?”. It’s true, the check is rapidly becoming the tender of a bygone era. Still there’s something romantic about the written check. I suppose that’s what I’m clinging to with this pipe dream of designy check-ness. C’est la vie.]

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