My friend Jim showed me this article he spotted on

In a nutshell it is a Columbus, Ohio writer responding to her community’s gripes over their Macy’s department store [apparently] leaving the downtown area. She goes on to point out how Detroit has many more ills, having more “wig shops” than anything of interest. I was annoyed by her article and told her so in this email.

Dear Ms. Saunders,

I was disappointed to read your article, “Refugee from Detroit loves our city”.

I can certainly understand it. Nothing is more popular than bashing Detroit. I just wonder why you could not find the depth to take any other stance on the Motor City but the absolute, most clich├ęd, overused view of them all? Everyone knows Detroit has ills, but does citing and mocking them to Columbus readers do anything for anyone? (Except you?)

I realize moving to another city is hard. I am about to do so myself. When you’re in a new town you want to make friends and show support for your new home and community. That’s survival, it’s understandable. However, imagine the character your readers would be admiring in you if instead you’d written this article from an alternate, positive point of view.

Imagine, if in response to gripes of Macy’s leaving Columbus, you’d have reminded people how fortunate they are to live in a thriving downtown community. How lucky they are to enjoy a civic center not plagued by decades of neglect, violence, and cantankerous political and industrial in-fighting. Consider the positive influence you’d make by reminding people that you came to Columbus to enjoy its multitude of opportunities, comforts, and security. Someone might have actually gotten something out of your article, instead of more false, negative perceptions about Detroit. Positivity, Ms. Saunders! Take the high road!

No one could blame you for seeking a better life, it’s a hard time in Detroit right now. Still, a lot of people here in Detroit are reading your article and wondering why their daughter, sister and friend (assuming you had family and/or friends here) has turned on their home, in word, as you have. I can guarantee when I have to leave my Detroit, I won’t stab it in the back from afar.

Enjoy your new home, Columbus is a wonderful city.

Yours very sincerely,

Jamie Latendresse

P.S. Wig shops? Spare us. That is beneath you, Ms. Saunders.

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