F.Ted & J.Crew

No longer king of the dipsh*ts, Anthony Michael Hall’s “The Geek” from Sixteen Candles has come full circle. Not only has this classic character reached pop culture icon status, he’s now sparking fashion trends. Jake Ryan’s look is so Abercrombie, so 2003. Go for geek.

Little did Ted know, as he slid in behind Samantha on the bus that fateful afternoon, that his inimitable style would find its way to the shelves and racks that Jack Knows Best. As of this spring, you can completely recreate the Farmer Ted look at J.Crew. Stop by J.Crew men’s and find…

…everything from the pink oxford shirt, to the Levis and Stan Smith Adidas, right down to the green windbreaker; his entire ensemble is present and accounted for. Don’t devastate your reputation as a dude, pick up your geek essentials and bag a babe.

P.S. Don’t forget to make fresh breath a priority in your life.

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