Fun with FOLIOS

About 11 months ago I started on a design odyssey. One that, in general, I detest: creating my portfolio. For the past 10 years I have been using vinyl-bound books of plastic sleeves. I’d tape samples and design work to the black, acid-free slip sheets and lug this ramshackle collection of JLD to interviews and such. And it did the job.

But poorly. Without any style at all. Shameful really.

Early last year, as the likelihood of a job search in New York City gradually became inevitable, I came to a somber truth. Taking this poor, vinyl-clad excuse for a designer’s portfolio into interviews would be like shooting myself in the foot and then telling myself I wasn’t bleeding to death. So after nearly a year of tinkering and experimenting; after a tedious search for the blessed vessel of my design; after agonizing over what at first seemed merely to be a collection of postcard flyers and business cards, my portfolio is finished.

Many thanks to Jim Piana, Dean Zoyes, and anyone else who provided feedback.

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