help™ I have a new web site…

Like they say over at Help Remedies, “some health problems are large, complicated and frightening,” but then again “most problems are not the end of the world. A kind word and a little help can get you on your way.” Wisdom and pharm goods seldom go hand in hand. Thankfully someone is on the job, saving us from our whiny, hurty selves.

After I posted about their deliciously minimal and witty headache meds a while ago, the super nice folks over at Help were kind enough to give me a heads-up on their new web site! With even more wit and a perfectly clean and non-achy site layout, they’ve brought us more simple, clean product design. I’m especially pleased to find so much fun and earnest writing on the site. You can have a beautiful looking site, but that extra bonus of some good content is a real treasure these days.

The product images on the home page are like a game you can play around with. But don’t go crazy, you might end up with serious issues.

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