HMFRNSHNGS. 12/8-2/9

Tom Carbone from is currating a show of furniture and sculpture this month and next, at the Janice Charach Epstein Gallery in West Bloomfield. More info here.


The current showing at the JCE is an outstanding example of unbounded imagination, combining processes, materials, and concepts into utilitarian sculpture. Sculpture by nature conveys a message or at least tells a story giving it a fourth dimension. Adding functionality to sculpture expands a fifth dimension for the artist and collector alike. Interpreting the theme and focusing on details creates a piece that is both holistic and rewarding for all. Studio furniture does what production furniture could never do; remove as much of the inhuman aspects of the industrial age as possible. You are seeing the hand of the artist touch the last detail, polish the last surface, but then you can see the artist stand back and squint at those details only to tear it apart to get it right! Works of this size and complexity often take years to develop, beginning as ideas, then sketches and if required highly detailed working drawings.

The intersection of theme and function is where problems often begin; while the theme wants to emphasize one aspect of the form, functionality (or physics) may require the emphasis elsewhere. During the transition from an idea to physical reality we functional sculptors are challenged over and over, especially when pushing our own personal boundaries.

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