They’re the answer to my gift dilemmas every year. Normally people tell you, “Hey, don’t get any ideas.” Well not this time. Here’s some lists I’ve culled for the 2009 season that are just jam-packed with ideas.

MUJI. While Muji isn’t necessarily known to all, it should be! This no-nonsense Japanese purveyor of sublime yet nondescript sundries and accessories has been one of my favorites since first encountering it in Japan in the 90s. Check out the cities in a bag.

Bought in Detroit. Detroit, despite it’s constant press malignment, is hip. Don’t listen to what anybody else says. There’s some cool-ass stuff going on in Detroit and hey! You can buy it! PLEASE buy it. My friends and colleagues need the business!

Core77. Every year Core77 does an amazing gift guide of reasonably priced designy things. Well… almost every year. Despite a couple Detroit-based listings this year (like this and this), this year’s list let me down a little so I suggest hitting the previous year’s list. And the year before that. And the year before that. Sure some of the links might be down or unavailable but it will still give you IDEAS. You’re savvy. You can find em.

Cool Hunting. Made moreso by the fact you don’t have to hunt so much. Cool Hunting is a Cool Blog I like to Cool Read. Lots of Cool Things to give you Cool Ideas. (That’s enough.) What? (With the “cool”.) Oh.

Pitchfork. For you musos out there Pitchfork put together an eclectic list of ideas for the musically minded. Everything from Kraftwerk and Warp to the Grateful Dead and Throbbing Gristle.

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