Time for a working class uprising.

As the state government tries to find the money to pull us out of our 1.75 BILLION dollar deficit, guess who’s going to fall onto the chopping block. Me. Consultants. The legislators thought taxing consulting services was a good way to make some dough. So when I go to bill a client, hah, guess what? I have to charge them a tax for using my services. Guess who doesn’t have to do that?


They get off scott free. Know why? It didn’t occur to me until it was pointed out but — what do legistators do when they’re not legislating? That’s right! They’re lawyers. Also safe: golf course and cable companies. ??? Seems I’ve just been thrown under the bus by my own party. Oh and when I move out of state but work for clients in Michigan from afar. Yep, still have to pay.

Freep article (sorry, article no longer available).

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