Jezewski/Folland INVITATIONS

I recently completed custom wedding invitations for my friend Sara Jezewski and her fiance Matt. Sara and I became friends while working together on the Hamtramck DDA. She was kind enough to hire me to design her invitations. You may recall the Bridal Shower Invites I did a while back.

Sara requested I include an illustration of the church where the wedding is to take place, historic St. Josaphat’s in Detroit. To achieve the illustrative look I was after I contacted Aimee Zoyes at AC Illustration in Birmingham. She was able to generate a perfect illustration from a photograph I provided. Combined with a careful setting of type (various faces of the Futura family) and floral illustration, the invitation – forgive the pun – married classical imagery with a modern design style.

For the RSVP I carried the floral illustration over from the invite. In addition, I continued a new trademark of my invitation design, the alive and barren RSVP responses. Those responding in the affirmative have their answer flanked with a living-leaf-laden branch while those unable to attend see theirs withered and without leaves. A little designy comedy never hurt anybody.

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