“Chairs are architecture. Sofas are bourgeois.”

So true, so true. But what about chair architecture for your mid-century modernist pup to appreciate? Why shouldn’t your Dwell Dwawg enjoy the finer things in life? Though I doubt very much if Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, a.k.a. Le Corbusier, in his wildest dreams imagined his designs used as chairs for dogs. Still, these are darn sharp. Yeah they’re not licensed reproductions bearing his chic name, but they are chic just the same.

If you ask me – a proud cat owner – these seem more suitable to the temperament of felines. But I suppose if you have Weim or an Italian Greyhound you’d be ok. Those breeds have a striking biological architecture. Most other breeds? L.C. said it best: bourgeois.

P.S. French Poodles ok. Heritage counts.

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