Living in Antichrist

“Hey what do you want to do tonight my friends? Say, isn’t that new Lars Von Trier film ‘Antichrist’ showing down in the Village? Ooh Charlotte Gainsbourg, love her! And Willem Dafoe too! Both of them directed by Lars! How can we go wrong!” Ahh what a night in the cinema that was, as Dafoe’s shrink attempts to ravel (or unravel depending who you ask) the unspooling mind of Gainsbourg’s griefstricken motherwife. It’s got woods, it’s got a cabin, it’s got an antique grinding wheel and a chaos worshipping fox.

I grew up watching slasher films full of lovers in the woods being hacked to pieces by some deranged, soulless psychotic. Antichrist takes that classic movie archetype and refocusses it through Von Trier’s unique vision. As a bonus we get a delightful selection of great vintage and rustic interiors to draw inspiration from. Ideas aplenty for vacation home decor, travel and camping apparel, vintage tools and sundries of every kind. Remember the rusty wrench Gainsbourg’s character unhinges the grinding wheel with? Beautiful. And who could forget her blood-stained floral blouse. A delicate classic. There’s just so much to take in, the only challenge is deciding which of Von Triers gorgeous aesthetics to emulate.

Of course, this is all in good fun. I wish to offer my support and admiration to the folks over at Design Sponge. Without their inspiration I would not have had the opportunity to work up this little satire. It was a hoot to juxtapose their “living in ____” idea with a movie no one would ever want to live in. Chaos Reigns!

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