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Many listeners received a response from WDET General Manager, Michael Coleman, over the weekend. In his response to his critics, Mr. Coleman had the following to say:

“Many listeners have been critical of the new programming based on an idea that ‘WDET got rid of all the music programming and is all news and talk.’ While I appreciate such comments, they demean the many fine, dedicated music hosts of which WDET is quite proud. It’s unfair to dismiss the great contributions to Detroit culture by ignoring people like Ed Love, Gene Elzy, Ralph Valdez, Chuck Horn, Liz Copeland, Michael Julien, W. Kim Heron, Jon Moshier, Matt Watroba, Larry McDaniel, and Robert Jones.”

Ok now I’m actually angry. (What follows is paraphrased from my response to Mr. Coleman.)

While I am personally grateful for his detailed and informative response to WDET’s listeners, I feel he misses the point and crosses the line in his email.

I take issue with the implication that by criticizing the change in WDET’s daytime music programming, any such critic is demeaning the other on-air hosts. This is a gross misrepresentation. I further resent the implication that those who may lament the loss of the daytime music programming are dismissing the contributions of and ignoring WDET’s other hosts. That is absurd.

Are we to feel it is us, the dissenting daytime listeners, who have demeaned WDET’s on-air staff? That in identifying the specifically rich and rare character that was lost in the reorganization we have neglected the station’s other fine traits? For Mr. Coleman, defending the changes to WDET’s schedule is a valuable and necessary action; attempting to turn the tables on his critics by suggesting their ignorance of WDET’s unchanged or added programming is quite another. It is back-handed and provocative.

I feel very strongly that he owes the dissenting listeners who received his email an apology. An explanation was quite in order, but not a misdirected finger-wagging.

I really miss the daytime music. I really, really do.

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