JLD09 New Flyer (front)
JLD09 New Flyer (back)

Finally getting around to some advertising here in New York. In addition to some online ads I have planned, these well-placed cards will hopefully begin the long process of getting my name out in the city. I’m also working on a mailer version.

By the way, if you’re a contact or friend of mine in New York and are interested in a few of these cards to hand out to friends and colleagues please let me know and I’ll get some to you.

The only thing yet to decide is the fate of my beloved 313 phone number. On one hand I feel like a non-NYC exchange may give potential new clients pause. On the other hand my current clients back in Detroit don’t deserve to have their long-distance loyalty rewarded with a long-distance phone number. Woe is me, what to do…

3 comments to My Dream DESIGN STATION

  • I agree entirely that a non-local number will give not only a pause, but also a potential point of confusion with new clients. My recommendation would be to switch to a NY number. Current clients aren’t continuing to use you because you’ve got a local #, its because of who you are and your service. If you think long distance number is really a deterrent to Detroit clients who currently use you, look into keeping the number, but have it forward to your new NY number. Though, I’m sure there would be a cost to this.

  • J-Money – how about an 800 #? If you're working on both NYC & Detroit clients, that eliminates the location confusion (costly though it may be). There is, unfortunately, a little area-code snobbery here in NY. The hierarchy might go something like this: 212, 917, 718, 347, 973, 201, 203. Maybe a 917 #?

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