For the first time since I started doing my own freelance design work, I have a logo and identity I am really happy with. You can see it here in this blog’s header layout as well as in collateral pictured just above.

At the genesis of this new identity I was coming off of a fabulous design high brought on by our visit to the Charles & Ray Eames exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum. Their (Charles & Ray) attention to detail, their work and design ethic, and of course their sheer brilliance is such an overwhelming force. Seeing the process that eminates from that level of creativity is empowering to me. I can’t help but wonder if that inspiration has resulted in this upsurge in my own work. Business has been so good lately, with much more on the horizon, I find myself searching for a catalyst. In the end, who cares!

Emily and I walked out of that exhibit feeling really amazing — full of ideas, collaborations. The car ride to dinner and then home after was the start of a series of brainstorming sessions that have continued to this day. I have a feeling our union will bring on some interesting things one day. Meanwhile, I’m working on a refreshed website, keeping this blog updated, and some design merchandise too!

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