Spotted the Oreo packaging in Target this week and was waiting to catch a glimpse of the new but retro Ritz box as well. I had heard they were on the way to Target shelves for a short promotion. The wait is over for both thanks to TheDieline.com

According to their blog, the packaging was designed “by Baker Associates,” and “the Retro Oreo/Ritz look was an exclusive for Target and will be treated as an in and out for the summer.”

I think it’s awesome that a firm called Baker Associates does packaging for things like cookies and crackers. They couldn’t have planned that better. Personally I wish they’d just keep these designs permanent.

2 comments to OREO + RITZ

  • WOW. I couldn't agree more: keep it permanent! Those designs are *amazing*. It's the kind of design that will be looked back upon 40 years from now and remain admired.

  • Design is fine, but they should have brought back the original packaging too… where's the cardboard box of oreos? Or tin with oreos? I don't really know what Oreos were packaged in, but I'm pretty darn sure it wasn't plastic.

    I searched for a picture of actual old packaging for Oreos and didn't find much, but I did see that the original color of Oreo packaging was gold and it switched to blue in the 50's.

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