Just finished a new identity for my client, Parinama Therapy. The principal, Carrie Ericson, who is a yoga and massage therapist, hired me to create collateral including business cards, as well as advertising and marketing. I’ve just completed the first phase of the project which was to design the company logo and create business cards.

Carrie’s company focusses on guided, in-home yoga practice and also, massage treatment. Parinama is a Sanskrit word which means “transformation”. Her basis for these therapies eminates from eastern disciplines and philosophies and focuses on transforming unhealthy habits and practices.

She expressed a desire to visually represent that foundation as much as possible, hence the “OM” and the lotus flower – both symbols commonly associated with such ideologies. I illustrated the icons and bestowed both with a Henna-like treatment that Carrie had sketched previously in pencil. After, I paired these icons with carefully chosen typefaces in order to express the organic nature of her therapy, while effectively representing Carrie’s professional and credible approach to her work.

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