PR1MARY SPACE.Soft Serve Tour.August 16 ONLY!

Primary Space is proud to be the Detroit home of the 2006 Soft Serve tour. Featuring a spectacular spectrum of media including in-gallery screen-printing, painting PLUS clothing, photography, video, music and more. Read more below, or visit the Soft Serve website at

D.D. and Rockstar Games present Soft Serve, a traveling art installation that will kick off August 1st at Trafik Tradeshow in Miami and conclude at Agenda Tradeshow in San Diego on September 10th.

Soft Serve was created as a traveling group show that features all sides of the art world, including but not limited to, painting, music, video, screen printing, drawing, wheat pasting, clothing, photography & more, with musical guests from Dim Mak and Hydrahead Records supplying the soundtrack for this one-of-a-kind tour.

In addition to the fine artists, the tour will feature a fast-paced and action packed tournament courtesy of ‘Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis.’

The 40 day, 25 city adventure also includes live art installations by Buff Monster, Blake E. Marquis / Came Crashing, Alvaro IIizarbe / Freegums, Dim Mak, Hydrahead / Robotic Boot, Rony’s Photobooth and more.

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