RISE. Millennial Mayors Congress

Design work can be a mystery sometimes. I often wonder how visionary designers like Scott Hansen, Lance Wyman and James White get the jobs they do. But there’s no mystery really. Visionary designers create visionary work. They do so, I think, with two things: a deep, abiding passion for design, and a lot of hard, nonstop work. One thing Bethany Shorb has shown me is that even great creatives with great ideas have to work their arses off.

For some time now I’ve been searching for a way to feel as though I’m more than just a working designer. In my work, clients present a need, and I fill it. I work hard and my clients are happy. I am compensated accordingly for my work and there we have my job. My job. So what’s missing? What’s missing is – maybe “missing” is the wrong word – what’s not where it should be is the abiding passion. Not a passion for admiring design, but a passion for producing it.

The aforementioned search took a big step this week when I decided that doing the kind of work I want to do will, not may, will require doing it for myself and possibly no one else. (That’s not to say someone else couldn’t find it desirable someday of course.) With that in mind I set out to create the above poster. This poster was not requested by any client. I will not be paid for it and it may never be produced. However, this poster and the impetus for creating it are two of the first things I’ve created since closing Primary Space in 2006 that I am truly excited about. It represents for me a step that has to be taken every day. The willingness to produce design that could not only meet a client need, but that meets a need in me as well.

[“RISE. The Millennial Mayors Congress”, is a teaser poster for a new organization created by the Suburbs Alliance (see earlier logo post).]

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