Mine eyes caught this unusual umbrella design by Senz in a recent update from [what is now] Detroit’s own Mezzanine.

[From Mezzanine:] The Senz Mini Umbrella is aerodynamically designed so it turns itself to the best position in the wind. The spokes of the umbrella have unique eye-savers so there are no opthalmic mishaps on the street, and there is a perfect view from under the umbrella. The patented reinforced rib construction means the umbrella withstands up to 40mph winds without inverting. And it all collapses to a little 11″ baton for easy transport.

As I prepare to head to New York at the end of the typically rainy April, I’ll have to keep my eye open for this unique umbrella and see if it appears to be deflecting the rain in exemplary fashion. And if you haven’t been to Mezzanine in Harmony Park yet, I highly suggest stopping by.

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