SO MUCH for that.

Detroit’s radio and music scene suffered a ginormous setback today. WDET FM General Manager Michael Coleman torpedoed daytime music and the casualties are huge. Chuck Horn, Judy Adams and what was formerly Martin Bandyke’s slot are now all cement shoed in the sea of NPR talk-talking.

I clicked off a letter to Mr. Coleman last night and in rereading it now, after these changes have had a day to sink in and I’ve heard some of the new programming, I realize I went WAY too easy on the fella. The demise of weekday music from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. is complete and even Liz Copeland’s ground-breaking show is pushed back into the night away from the ears of the pre-midnight audience.

It would seem listener feedback to date has been primarily in favor of the changes to took effect today. Shifts to adult alternative put into place by Caryn Mathes and Judy Adams have been removed and programs that I NEVER MISSED are back. I hear there is to be a gospel program as well.

Chuck Horn managed to hold on to a little air time on Sunday. Liz’s show, while back to its original slot, was not shortened. Or was it. I’m a night owl but I’m seldom up past 3am. Her show being on from 10pm – 3am certainly put more of her programming within my reach. Now those last two hours are lost to insomniacs and emergency staff around the city.

My good friend Jim pointed out to Mr. Coleman that one of the shining factors of the now defunct programming lineup was the incredible sense of Detroit it provided listeners near and far. Reviews of music both national and local, restaurant features, event information and all this other great stuff are now replaced with talking. And talking. And talking. And talking.

So much for that.

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