I recently completed a logo design for my client, Solutions First. The identity design went through several drafts, more than usual, but the end product is something I’m very pleased with. As is the client. Some of the early concepts are below and reveal the wide spectrum of ideas (though there were many, many more than this) that were considered before arriving at the final logo.

Solutions First wanted to express a couple things with their identity. They wanted something creative and not too conservative, but they also wanted to stay in the business ballpark (given that their mission is to provide sound financial direction for their clients). Initially the design focus for me was the word “first”. Accentuating “First” would remind customers of the company’s focus and priority, while giving me a wealth of options for creating the visual look of the logo. Eventually as I went through various designs it became clear that expressing the whole name visually was the key. The trick was finding a visual icon for “Solutions”. I landed on the puzzle imagery. This particular representation of the cube gave me a way to keep the logo modern and to incorporate the “1”.

From Round 1:

From Round 2:

From Round 3:

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