The HAL Project and Beyond the Infinite

My good friend Mitch tipped me off about The HAL Project recently. And being a Kubrick and “2001: A Space Odyssey” junkie like so many others I was suitably impressed.

The interface is very well done, with superbly enhanced images and illustrations. Especially worth noting is the HAL-9000 simulator (which does need some audio samples added in my opinion) and the downloadable screensaver which recreates the cryptic, technical graphics of the HAL-9000 monitors on your computer. Working from a 2-monitor station as I do, makes this particularly enjoyable as the screens alternate graphics automatically.

You can also review “The Jupiter Mission Report”, an animated synopsis of 2001, part of the opening sequence from 2010, the Peter Hyams sequel. And don’t forget to switch on the site’s built-in Gy├Ârgi Ligeti “Lux Aeterna” soundtrack to enhance your visit.

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