Today New York, Tomorrow the WORLD

A friend and artist here in New York, Brian Hogan, has taken on an exciting art project. Since October and until December (10/08-12/08) Brian will be teaming up with to raise funding for a large painting installation he is working on. The project is called “TODAY NEW YORK, TOMORROW THE WORLD” and it will be 20′ x 10′ x 2′ installation of around 350 painted panels built into one large painting environment.

Brian’s work is a striking combination of shape, color and dimension, and since encountering his unique art I’ve made frequent visits to his site to take them in. I’m constantly wishing I still co-owned an art gallery.

KickStarter is an exclusive invitation only website where artists can post projects and bring in funding through pledges. Anyone can pledge any amount, from $1 – $1000+, and in return the artist, in this case Brian, will provide some excellent gifts that pledgers will receive if he hits his funding goal. There are original artworks, silk-screened posters, photographs, a cool book and more, that Brian and his collaborators (Ryan Inzana, Jack Aguirre and Jesse Koechling) have put together especially for this project. If Brian does not hit his goal then you don’t have to pay, it’s that simple.

Brian has asked me to pass on the word and though the project is halfway through it’s funding cycle I encourage you to check out his work, and consider contributing. Every cent and dollar counts! Equally helpful is reposting his project to get as many eyes as possible in on it. I think this is a really exciting project and what KickStarter is doing is a great way for artists to realize larger projects than they’d be able to complete on their own.

Just head over here to pledge. Price of a cup of coffee… don’t let this opportunity pass you by… won’t you please help… don’t make me come over there… choose your motivation. Thanks for reading.

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