TREE Towers

Many communities are jumping on this trend and camouflaging conspicuous cell towers as trees. The first time I saw one of these I thought it was the most excellent idea. Even when the towers are too tall to be mistaken as real trees or in areas where no matching trees grow, I think this is such a welcome site.

Some of my friends weren’t as impressed. What do you think? Why is or isn’t this a cool idea?

4 comments to TREE Towers

  • While I applaud the idea of hiding cell towers, I don’t think making “fake trees” to do it is really the way to do it. And then this raises the question of “What are the fake trees made from?” Are we using a bunch of plastics to make try and hide something as environmental? I think a better idea is to build a wind turbine that has a cell receiver on the back of it. Then you get green energy to power the receiver. Granted that doesn’t really “hide” the tower, but at least it serves a dual purpose.

  • That’s an important question. A great ID solution to this problem would certainly take environmental impact into consideration. Then again plastics and other polymers in building construction are more or less a given. If this were a throw-away item wouldn’t it then be more important what the faux trees are constructed from?

  • Yes, but the process to make “fake trees” may be just as harmful as throwing away plastics. Environmental issues aside, getting back to the design issues (I did get a bit sidetracked in my first comment), I’d be very interested to see one of these in person. I have to wonder if they don’t look like trees, just how “different” are they. Some plastic plants are pretty good, some look horribly out of place. I’m not convinced that its good design to have something that stands out as obviously fake, trying to blend in (but doing it poorly). I guess that’s why I got side tracked with idea of doing a turbine instead… if its not going to fit in the environment around it, then embrace that, don’t do a poor job of faking it.

  • There’s one up in Farmington Hills. That was the first (and only) one I saw, aside from photos. It’s huge, actually. Much taller than any surrounding trees.

    There’s a number of criteria here that are fairly inflexible. Cell towers have to be tall, and they have to be sturdy. So you’re never going to create a perfectly camouflaged solution. In terms of the most basic issue, “how do we make a steel superstructure look attractive”, this seems like as good an option as any. (I think die-hard ID’ers would disagree with me for sure, but I approach this from my own ideology.) I’d rather see the tree-like visage, than a big pole or steel frame. The other solution is to create something wholly unique and build it – like the cell tower on Domino Farms’ property. But if you’ve ever noticed the cables holding that one in place, it’s clearly not a free-standing structure as most towers are or need to be.

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