I’ll be participating in the Detroit Graphics Exposition on Friday, December 2. The competition was to develop positive Detroit propaganda. I was among the 50 or so finalists.

Read the Model D article here.

Here’s my take….

Stereotype. Falsehood. Hearsay. Myth.

As a Detroiter or even a suburban Detroiter, you are faced with these everyday. From friends, relatives, the media, all looking to cast your home as the capital of violence, poverty, and misery. To some extent, we all play off those myths too. We wear it like a medal on our chests, if only to save face and find the positive in all those negatives. As in, “Detroit: where the weak are killed and eaten.”

But Detroit isn’t what they say it is. Like any major metropolitan community it has many ills. Maybe even more than others, but, everyday we overcome that faulty outside perception of our misunderstood Gotham. We disprove our critics who deny the Motor City’s value and cultural significance. They don’t choose to see Our Strength. Our Thought. Our Resolve. Our Heart.

Pride in our accomplishments. Faith in ourselves. We always overcome.
Detroit – Established in 1701 and every year since.

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