Where did APPLE go?

I don’t have an iPhone, but those who do were unabashedly kicked to the curb today when Apple inexplicably lowered the cost of their 8gb iPhone by $200 after just 2 months. My friend Mark suggested this was a very “un-Apple” move. I definitely agree. Sure Apple likes to release new products right after Christmas, and yeah their computers are overpriced, but to hang their devoted fans’ (who shelled out $600 for a phone) out to dry, well that’s sharply disappointing.

Getting back to the un-Apple comment, when you really think about it, this IS what Apple does. It’s just much more brazen this time. You know who’s been getting kicked for years? Apple Computer customers. If you’ve been buying Apple computers for any length of time, you’re well-acquainted with the school of Apple Hard Knocks. There’s no discount for you. No break. No sale. No pre-Christmas deals. It’s arm and leg handover time when you a buy a Mac 99% of the time. They’ve just shortened the timeline toward the fire for iPhone buyers. Maybe Apple believes this product has a high novelty factor but a short shelf life and they have to strike while the iRon’s hot. Who knows.

I’ll suggest the discount that would have been apropos: how about a nice $200 COMPUTER discount for their worshipful, dedicated, unswerving hard sample. The prevailing currents inside Apple have gone so far from Apple COMPUTERS, that as a user I find it almost alienating. I’ve been using and buying these computers since high school and as an Apple computer user I ALWAYS get the short end of the stick. We all do. Even this summer when I went to obtain a MacBook Pro, they were out of stock. They had plenty of phones of course.

Lotsa Phones. No computers.
Lotsa Phones. No computers.

And the other announcements today bored me to tears. The iPod Touch is wildly anti-climactic. Apple TV or whatever, again, eh. The ringtones – more screwage. I used to say I loved Apple because their products have heart. Remember that WIRED cover in the 90’s with the bleeding rainbow Apple logo and the crown of thorns?

Well the “heart” -oops! I mean “Apple logo” is gone. And the thorns are all that’s left.

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  • I dunno if I agree entirely with the phone comments… It is entirely “un-Apple” like, but it is quintessential cell phone industry move. The examples that I’ve see are the original Blackberry and Razr, both of which were extremely expensive when introduced and both dropped the price very shortly after introduction. I think that Apple is basically fitting the cellphone industry model, rather than the typical Apple model.

    I disagree about the new iPod for two reasons. I think they are exciting in the same sense that the iPhone was exciting when it came out. If the new iPod was first we’d be having a different conversation about that. Second, I think that addition of WiFi is very exciting because now as long as it will allow streaming via the web (which I assume it will since it will access youtube), then you can stream internet radio and access your own library of music without having to download songs to the ipod (if you have a webserver to store that on).

    Other than that, I agree entirely with your comments on the computers. Plus, talk about anti-climatic… anybody notice the new iMacs that came out last month? Anybody? Hello? Anyone out there paying attention to Apple Computers anymore?

  • I wasn’t arguing that it was a poor business move, or that it wasn’t keeping pace with the trends of the mobile phone industry. As you pointed out, it’s right in line with the mobile phone industry. That doesn’t make it ok. Especially not for a company like Apple — assuming Apple wants to be “Apple”. If it wants to be Sprint, well I think they succeeded.

    Perhaps we’d have been more awestruck had the iPod Touch arrived before the iPhone, but personally I only see myself having one or the other. If you have the iPhone are you really going to carry a second gadget around so you can have more music? If you buy the iPod Touch, aren’t you going to feel like adding the iPhone is overkill?

    As for the iPod and WiFi, my hangup is this: I have a lacking desire to pay “on the go” for music. If I can’t get it from my library to the iPod I rarely see myself connecting to the web to either download more music, or listen to internet radio. And how much would that cost anyway? Seems like a decadent expense and one that is or should be altogether unnecessary.

  • Yes, I can see your point about the iPhone and Apple not wanting to be Sprint… However, I think that the cell phone business is a little bit different animal than other gadgets business that Apple has entered/competes in (Apple is the dominate mp3 player, um, player). I’m not saying that makes it right. I just think that as it moves into these other gadget markets that have much more established competitors (like Nokia and Motorola) than the mp3 player market was, Apple is likely to be doing other, more uncharacteristic things to remain competitive. End of the day, Apple has to remain competitive and profitable. After the first couple months of excitement wear off, $500 is very hefty price tag for a product that already has very strong competitors. Plus, AT&T; is a whore and will sell someone whatever phone they can afford to get the contract. That’s Apple’s weak link here… the final sale (in many cases) is out of their control.

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